Building Foundations of Health to Last a Lifetime DAVID LOPES, D.D.S.

Achieving Natural Harmony

Just as nature seeks harmony and balance; our bodies seek health and wellness. Given nurturing support and structure, our bodies will pursue health, not “dis-ease” and “dis-order”. Like water flowing along a creek bed, our body’s systems follow the path of least resistance. We help people remove obstructions to health, and create harmonious systems towards wellness.


Meet Dr. David Lopes

Synergy Dentistry with a Conscience

Synergy is found when individual parts work together towards goals greater than those that can be achieved independently. Synergy is our goal for your oral health and the relationships that support that pursuit. Every patient has a unique “holistic” path towards long lasting health. Creating partnerships to help you discover that path and to guide you with dignity and integrity is the empowering mission of Synergy Dental Arts.


Getting Started

Is achieving dental wellness and long lasting comfort important to you? Do you want to become empowered over your health, taking ownership over a predictable healthy future? Would you like to reduce your future dental expenses by taking control over your health now? We invite you to review our website, get acquainted with who we are and how our Purpose could benefit you. If our office sounds like a healthy match for you, then get started today.